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Searchy is a metasearch engine that is able to integrate information from a wide range of sources performings a semantic translation into RDF. It has a distributed nature and is specially suitable to integrate information across different organisations with a minimun coupling.

“ If you have several information supports and want to integrate them, Searchy may be your solution!. ”

More info [Searchy overview]

New web site

We are proud to announce that Searchy web site has been completely modified. It has a new design with a more atractive look, updated contents and more info about Searchy project.

We hope that this new web site will ease the use of Searchy and will provide a better service to the Searchy comunity.

NAI award

12-12-2004In 2nd December 2004 were released the award winners of the IV NAI (New Applications for Internet) edition. Searchy project recieved the second award in this edition. NAI Awards are hold by the Politecnic University of Madrid and Telefonica and the jury are the most important experts in the field of new technologies of Internet in Spain. More information about this event can be reached in

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